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Influencer Marketing Sessions and Campaigns via Health Bloggers Talent

Influencer Marketing Audit & Strategy

Our mission at the Health Bloggers Talent is simple and underpins everything we do – we help brands connecting with bloggers. In doing this, we achieve our primary mission which is to support the growth of the industry in a professional, effective and truly empowering way.

Partnerships & Influencer Marketing Consultations

Working closely with your in-house marketing team or senior exec team we deliver in depth brand reporting. We start by looking at the businesses existing profile, market position, messaging, proposition and identity and this acts as the main theory behind any brand strategy, positioning, and collateral in relation to the current market and relationships with key influencers and audiences.

We believe that a strong marketing strategy is at the heart of all your communications, and by specialising in influencer marketing we truly aim to tap into millions of potential customers via key influencers and bloggers.who are shaping the industry.

Influencer Marketing Campaigns

We live in a world where the currency is measured in clicks, follows, likes and comments. It’s by these metrics of engagement that success is determined.

Health Bloggers Talent aims to personally manage quality talent, those who are among the top social creators in the world; dedicated and passionate individuals who are determined to be professional and accountable while being creative, vibrant and overall unforgettable human beings.

As part of our services we take care of all influencer payment and chase up of completion. We are always on top of influencer marketing industry standards so the brand doesn’t have to be.