Adventures of a Boss Lady

“Yet another Post on Meditation”

I am talking anxiety. And meditation. I am not going to reinvent the wheel, before you ask.
I talked about meditation before, and plenty of our bloggers have. However, I want to open up a bit about why I am getting back to meditation after a damn long while, and why I find it such a vital practise for me.

“Out of the Woodworks: a Very Meta Post”

It’s time to step into meta fiction big time, and introduce you to a brand new character, who joined me in this brand new cycle. Or phase of my journey. Because being a boss lady also includes NOT being a boss lady, and allowing yourself to grow as a human being.

“The Bad Consequences of Getting What you Want”

The reasons why you are not getting what you want and how to deal with self-sabotage.

Self-sabotage is a constant for most, but hot damn boss ladies take it to a whole new level. The abstract castles we create in our brains about WHY we do not deserve to have it all. Why we SHOULD / MUST strive 24/7 to get wherever we want.

“The Passion for Business Paradox”

I don’t want my blog to be about creating a lead magnet for my services. Or to create value to my readers to ask them to take action – good, old CTA. I want my blog to be a creative outlet for me. My art. My story. I want it to be fun, occasionally dotted with GIFs and more often thought-provoking.

“Three Ways to Create Evergreen Products”

Let’s be real here: I launched over seven product since I have been in business.My name is Fab, and I am a serial ‘product launcher’ – if such a thing does even exist. A bit like a AA for entrepreneurs.

These tips to effectively launch a course, program, meal plan, ebook or anything your heart desires.

“From the Audiobooks Library: 16 Recommendations”

I do love audiobooks. The easiest way of listening to them is via Audible.

There are plenty of other ways, but it’s just so much easier as I can add books to my wish-list and the library is pretty damn good. I am adding a list of 16 audiobooks, divided by categories because I am a Virgo and that’s what Virgos do!

“Ten Tools to Optimise your Instagram Experience”

Whether you started off on Instagram or you are just looking to expand your following, having your Instagram account on your blog is a clear attention grabber. However, there are a myriad of Instagram tools and Wordpress plugins out there, that’s why I selected a few for you – I know, I am just awesome like that.