The Kettlebell Queen

About Fab

I followed all the rules, bought (most of) the courses, listened to the podcasts and read the books. I loves to disrupt (punk rocker at heart), urge to create (linguist by trade), long to innovate (artist by nature).

Certified health coach, qualified personal trainer, writer, founder of the Health Bloggers Community and the editor of he with blogging and health online magazine. I support bloggers and visionary entrepreneurs with a well-rounded academy. I even co-organised the first and only Health Blog Awards.

I am a personal trainer and gym instructor who loves to sweat, throw incredibly inappropriate innuendos, pick up heavy things from the floor, and swing kettlebells until the early hours.

I have been a writer since I was ten, journalist since I was eighteen, marketing strategist for six years, coach for three, and I became self-employed at the tender age of twenty three.

I studied all the most impactful ways to create an irresistible about page, but like most people, I do not always practise what I preach. So I blabber a lot. I guess it adds to the charm.

I have a borderline sexual relationship with my cafetiere, and I have tried far too many combinations of peanut butter. I sip kombucha on weekdays, and toast with ciders at the weekend. I sit on my meditation cushion, and dance along with the Kinks. Forever trying to organise my Spotify playlists. I believe that being a boss lady cannot be summarised with words as solopreneur. A heart-centered entrepreneur. A girl boss.

I am the cheeky Italian monkey who is going to leave nothing untold. It may get uncomfortable, it may get kinky. But that’s when the fun begins, isn’t it?

  • I am a freelance writer. I have over six years of journalism experience, specialised in music journalism, interviews and festival coverage.
  • In my life I was a PR and marketing strategist. I worked for over three years with tech start-ups, music agencies, and web design consultancies.
  • I love everything geeky. I am a design junkie, and I am addicted to apps – don’t get me started on those.
  • I am Italian, so I move my hands a lot, I am terribly sarcastic, and adorably waffly.
  • I can bench press half my body weight, and squat nearly my weight (if you exclude the 4/5 kg of peanut butter)
  • My style idols are Stevie Nicks and Janis Joplin. And Debbie Harris’ hair.