Adventures of a Boss Lady

“Three Ways Pocket can Revive your Blogging Inspiration”

As a linguist, a Virgo and overall an hyperactive kid I am a sucker for learning: and what a better way than binge-reading tons of blogs and articles?

However, I have been doomed with the curse of really poor memory – yes, I have been nicknamed Doris more than once. I love to bookmark articles for upcoming courses, or blog posts. Sometimes a scribble down won’t cut it: I need the full shenanigans handy in order to create my masterpieces. When people ask me about my favourite tool to save, bookmark and catalogue my favourite articles, I always go back to Pocket app.

Pocket has been a trusty friend for more than 3 years now, and today I want to share with you 3 ways it can help you and your own blog.

“Why You can Make Glorious and Fantastic Art”

I have always wanted to be a writer. When I thought of a writer, I would either become a Stephen King, a Pirandello, a Baudelaire, or a Mayakovsky – spoiler alert, the only one with a happy ending is Mr. King.

I felt that, by joining the business gang and becoming a boss lady, I lost my artistic flare. However, I quickly got reminded I could not be more wrong.

“The New Age of Media: Haikus vs Essays”

The Endless Battle Between Bite-Sized Content and Mini-Essays.

In a world of bullet lists and 3-step solutions, we are more and more surrounded by quick haikus or information (marketing, blogging, health). From 140 characters to 24h pieces of content, there are only two possible avenues we can go down – I don’t believe there is such a thing as right or wrong.

“Are We Starving for Time?”

Entrepreneurs and corporate suits alike, we are all suffering from Time Famine. Whether you are a full-time blogger, a part-time entrepreneur or simply a 9-to-5er looking to take the leap (or even working at Topshop) most likely you are starving yourself.

“Is Living in the Now Preventing you From Greatness?”

As the Virgo full moon hit us earlier this week, I put my unicorn onesie on and I got onto writing my ‘Ideal Day’ script.
How can you economise on your ideal life? I am all about minimalism and simplicity, but I had to stop a second and ask myself: am I doing this from a place of fear?

“How to Stop being a Fixer”

How to resist the urge to fix the world and stop Being a Wonder Woman. Ah, Fab – you just cannot help it, can you?

This urge to fix the world: your partners, your clients, your friends. Being a fixer sucks. Sorry world, but it is true. Combine it with being an empath, and you have a recipe for continuous and never-ending face palms.

“Raw Cookies with Cashew Cream Filling”

Fab loves writing, but writing down recipes is just not my thing. However, as I cook like a MOFO (and my followers asked for recipes) Fab will actually get a grip, put some Snoop Doggy Dog on, and write down the recipe for these raw cookies.

In case you were wondering, yes, these raw cookies are good – and yes you can use them as meal replacement (ish).

“Is your Idea Tattoo-Worthy?”

I do believe that the people you genuinely want to help are the ones who can help you assessing whether you are working towards a genius idea, or it’s time to start over. Not sure whether You Should Pursue that Idea of Yours?

Ask yourself: ‘Is my idea tattoo worthy?’

“We are living in a Spiritual World”

…And I am a Woo-Woo Girl.

I know of a lot of people looking into discovering more about the spiritual world, and I do have my trusted sources myself, but I thought I’d share a few more for some of my woo-woo friends – who, for the record, love Topshop as much as you do, and usually don’t chant naked at the moon.

Get reading and take notes, these are serious goodies.

“What to Do when Things Really Suck”

Five steps to emotional and spiritual Recovery.

Whether you are back at step one, or already at step five, reaping the benefits of being deeply aware of your power, I want you to know that I am ever so grateful for reading this, and allowing myself to be vulnerable today. I want you to know that you are loved. I want you to know that you are a kickass.