The Kettlebell Queen

Life as a PT

“Swing and Flow AMRAP Workout”

I am actually quite conscious whenever I put a video out, as my comparison elf is out and picking all of the little niggles in my form. For a while I just stopped recording videos, however, people have been commenting a few times of how my little adventures inspire them to hit the gym.

Most of my clients will get a deadlift or two in their session, and I try and incorporate them also in my classes. The deadlift is one of the 3 core lifts for power lifters, along with the squat and the bench press – and today I am going to share why it’s so good for you.

I had a little trip to ONE LDN, where I had the chance to dig into some Muay Thai for an intense boxing and kicking session will work on your cardiovascular fitness, co-ordination, balance and strength.

Laura Hoggins mantra is an easy one: nothing looks as good, as being strong feels. Working everyday towards being stronger inside and out, positive, optimistic and ready to face the world, without comparison to anyone else, do it for you, that’s my health and fitness mantra.