Adventures of a Boss Lady

Girl Boss Toolbox

“Blogo for your blog”

Blogo is a great app. For a practical minimalist like yours truly, minimising the amount of steps that need to be taken to write, edit and schedule a post can be longer than expected.

“Budgeting the smart way with Monzo”

As soon as I spotted Monzo, I fell in love – read geek + finance freak + Virgo. S much so, that I queued for their handy pre-paid flashy orange card. I therefore invited James from the team to answer a few questions about Monzo, and overall budgeting in a smarter way.

“Blogging Tools: CoSchedule”

Let’s talk about content calendars. Without my content calendar I am sure I wouldn’t be able to promote produce and deliver my blog posts even when I’m sleeping – and this is why today I am talking about Co-Schedule.