Adventures of a Boss Lady

Being a Boss Lady

“310+ Headline and Blog Post Ideas”

For those days when you are being an headless chicken. Between newsletters, blog posts and guest posting, having a variety of top quality content is essential to engage with your audience, this is why I like to have some content ideas handy.

“Why you should always pull back 25%”

Giving 100% is a well known formula we have been exposed as people, even before becoming boss ladies (and dudes). This is also a side effect of the ‘hero complex’, very common condition among artists, creative wizards and boss ladies alike. What if 75% was just enough?

“Stop Being the Sidekick of your Own Story”

During my hunting quest over about pages I encountered the ghost of this ‘persona’ that somehow seems to be behind the screen. It is not you.
It’s your sidekick: the entity that hides behind snappy catchphrases and waterfalls of research.

“Just put those damn Eggs in One Basket”

In a world where our phones ping 24/7 and people are starving for attention, dedicating between three to four hours per day to one single thing sounds an abomination. Especially as it goes against the famous saying ‘don’t put all your eggs in one basket’.
It’s about time to talk about it.

“The Dichotomy of Blogging”

. Since when blogging has become all about the labels? Business boss lady must blog about business. However, she should be personal. But not too much, in order not to bore her readers to death.

Nowadays, people easily can make you feel like you took the wrong turn and distanced yourself from your your core message.