The not-so cool side of minimalism

    February 20, 2017

    I was thinkingof a wittier title for this (ever happened to anyone?) but I think this is confusing enough to work.

    What’s the cool side of minimalism? I wrote a lot about decluttering, digital noise, selling unwanted shit and minimalist resources.

    However, this is the real deal when it comes to shutting your Ego / worries / anxieties down.

    You can have a wardrobe with only ten items of clothing and still feel overwhelmed about life.

    Digression: a few days ago, C and I were talking about Brighton. Because Brighton is just were I can see myself being in the future. There is something about the sea, the family life, the cultural buzz that is much more comforting.
    Anyways, as we were wandering around Portobello Market, I let my mind wander. All I could imagine was myself baking up a storm (yes, what a shocker) and reading on the couch, vinyl player on, books scattered all over. My notepad with scribbles and drawings.

    Back to my point here: I am on the glamorous side of the industry. We are objectively the ones committed to create a safe space for bloggers and influencers to grow their brand.

    Needless to say, I spend a lot of time analysing the data, trends, right people.

    Yet, I cannot stop my brain from getting into that loop-hole that is, very simply put, ATTENTION ATTENTION ATTENTION.

    Don’t get me wrong, the constant sharing, tweeting and live streaming is what makes some of the best in ANY industry relevant, educational and inspirational.

    The question I had to ask myself, when (not too long ago) I reduced myself into an emotional and physical cripple – because my body knows how to make me stop – was “is this really what I want for myself?

    In total honesty, not really. I do not want to check Twitter at 9am, let everybody know that I had avocado for breakfast (also because it is almost obvious by now).

    My own brand does not necessarily serve the HBC anymore – thankfully it has become its own well oiled machine – so how can I make it serve me?

    As a rather new PT (baby PT?!) I found a renewed purpose in my brand. The idea of being able to inspire, support and challenge my clients has become my priority. Whether that means me sharing food ideas to implement, or effective exercises.

    However, I had to be really honest with myself and accept that in the back of my head I just wanted to be like XYZ – ‘Shit your Ego Says’ book did help a lot with this.

    I personally do not care about 1.5M instagram followers. As probably the most extrovert introvert around, I truly appreciate NOT to go to press launches all the time. To literally leave my phone home for a whole day.

    Growing slightly older I realised my priorities, and solitude, studying and creativity are what gives me the drive to open my emails.

    How can you simplify and streamline the way you digest the noise from the world?

    Can really 20 minutes of meditation eliminate 16 hours of constant bombardment?

    As I am all about giving constructive advice, these are a few things I am committed to stick to (you can go as far as going all out to just implementing some)

    1. Set social times during the day

    I only check my social notifications during working hours. Which also means, I deleted all social networks from my phone – this one actually scared me an awful lot, but I knew it needed to be done.

    2. Schedule social messages just like any other task

    It may lose the genuine freshness of social, but effectively my main aim is to provide information and inspiration, not gain followers. Plus, my schedule is easily wrapped up for the week and I do not have to slave over empty queues.

    3. Find more productive breaks

    This is fully copyrighted by C. As we were talking about this very same topic, he shared something he’s committed to try from now on. Whenever he has a break from a task, waiting at the pub, post office etc instead of getting his phone out, he’s going to get his book out. This may be easier than planned for me given the lack of apps on my phone. Still book / kindle at the ready, and notepad as well.

    I know this all may sound a wee bit extreme, but this is how usually I prevent myself from slipping back into an old habit.

    However, as I already did this with Facebook a few weeks back, I think it is going to be definitely less daunting than I am picturing in. I’ll give this experiment a go and come back with results in the next few weeks.